Not just leading the way, leading the industry.

  • MatrixProviders

Matrix Providers was created by two veterans to be the premier medical placement service, serving government entities. We’re happy to say that we’ve succeeded. Now, we are trusted by the Department of Defense and the VA for their most important positions. Think of us as a closely-knit family. Each one of us works our hardest to make sure that every one of our placed professionals succeeds. Not just for their contract, but for their whole career.

The DOD has given Matrix Providers the highest rankings in quality management and customer service since 2012.

• Matrix is among the Top 5 performing contractors on a national, 8-year, $1.3b all-location, all-specialty DoD contract.
• Matrix Providers has achieved an unprecedented 99.8% fill rate.
• Our family of leaders brings more than 150 years of experience to advance your job and career.
• Our quality measures are tailored to your specific requirements.
• We are national thought leaders in high-performance medical staffing systems, briefing acquisition and service department leadership.