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Colorado-Based Matrix Providers Wins $120+ Million in Government Staffing Orders for Medical Staffing Services

Contract encompasses Army, Navy and Air Force hospitals and clinics across the United States through 2023

Denver, Colo. — Matrix Providers, a Denver-based medical staffing company, was recently awarded a set of government Task Orders to recruit and fill over 100 medical staffing positions for the Department of Defense over the next five years. Matrix Providers competed against 35 other government staffing companies for the work, which is estimated by the government at a total of $123 million.

The contract includes health care workers across multiple labor categories: physicians, allied health, mid-levels (nurse practitioners, physician assistants, certified nurse anesthetists, and midwives), nursing, technologists, technicians and assistants. The military treatment facilities included in the contract are located at military facilities across the U.S., and also includes, for the first time, the National Capitol Region, including Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, Ft. Belvoir Community Hospital, and Andrews AFB, to name a few. To apply for positions through Matrix Providers, visit Matrix Providers' website.

"Matrix Providers will now be able to serve the National Capital Region," says Dr. Bill Rivard, CEO and founder of Matrix Providers. “In addition, this work is the first major transition from multiple legacy contracts onto the new consolidated Defense Health Agency staffing platform. Our team has been planning this transition for well over a year. We made the turn successfully, and we are thrilled.

"We anticipate filling approximately 170 positions as a result of these awards," he adds.

Matrix Providers was ranked by Staffing Industry Analysts in 2017 as the 5th fastest-growing among 19,000 United States staffing firms. CEO and founder Dr. Bill Rivard is frequently called upon to consult with government agencies and speak at national staffing industry events.

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About Matrix Providers

Founded in 2010 by Dr. Bill Rivard, who is a retired Army Colonel and remains at the helm today, Matrix Providers serves government agencies with the commitment to improving performance in the government’s contracted medical staffing system. Since its inception, Matrix Providers has achieved an unprecedented 99.4 percent placement rate despite taking on some of the government’s most difficult requirements.

Matrix Providers’ founding principles are to anticipate growing shortages in the supply of quality health care workers, and reinforce the government’s access to them in support of the nation’s military, families and veterans. To do this, Matrix Providers researches, imports and adapts the best commercial staffing industry practices to the government sector.

Ranked by Staffing Industry Analysts in 2017 as the 5th fastest-growing United States staffing firm, Matrix Providers' executive leadership has been repeatedly called upon to speak at national staffing industry events. Trusted by the Department of Defense (DoD) for constructive industry feedback on acquisition strategies, as well as to fill some of its most important medical positions, the DoD has consistently given Matrix Providers high ratings in quality management and customer service since 2012.

Matrix Providers is headquartered in Denver, Colo., and employs hundreds of corporate and clinical staffing professionals across the country. From the Outer Banks of North Carolina to the west shore of Oahu, Hawaii, Matrix Providers' corporate staff covers 4,961 miles and six time zones. The company is never far away, in time, place or commitment. For more information about Matrix Providers, visit